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This is our best selling box, the SUPER, which is short for SUPERIOR TO EVERY OTHER BOX OUT THERE. Each one of these boxes will contain at least 8 full sized candies, with the choice of soft candies, hard candies or a mix of both. No matter what you prefer, it is a guarantee that if you enjoy candies from other boxes, you will enjoy candy from this box even more.

The SUPER candy subscription pack has mythical origins. Legend has it that centuries ago, ancient monks trained highly intelligent monkeys to pick only the best candies from the wild grown candy trees growing rampantly high up in the mountains. Grown from trees blessed by sacred men and nourished by the divine earth and rare air surrounding it, it is said that these candies exhibit such exceptional flavor and extraordinary texture that when consumed, inspire great works of art. 

Today, it is practically impossible to find those monkeys. Thus, we have employed humans to do the job and we are confident that all of us here are at least as good as those legendary monkeys. For the best grade of candy, we always pick and pack our boxes right at astronomical dawn when the Sun is 18 degrees below the horizon for the perfect levels of humidity and sunshine. This ensures maximum flavor and is the reason why our sweets are sweeter than other boxes.

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