Hi-Chew Fruit Chews (100g)

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Ingredients: Glucose syrup, sugar, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, gelatin, flavors, mango puree, emulsifiers, citric acid, di-malic acid, natural colors (beta-carotene, paprika color)


HI-CHEW is a uniquely soft candy with a long-lasting, chewy texture. Combine that with smooth, real fruit flavors and – just like that – you’ve got HI-CHEW. With an assortment of fruity flavors to choose from, we’re confident HI-CHEW is like nothing you’ve ever tasted before!

How was HI-CHEW created?

In the 1950’s, Morinaga was trying to create a new kind of chewing gum for Japan. Back then, it was very impolite to take food out of your mouth. So Morinaga tried to create a more culturally accepted version of chewing gum—one that could be swallowed.

Fortunately, Morinaga already made outstanding caramel with a uniquely chewy, creamy texture. It was unlike anything else in Japan. In 1956, natural strawberry flavor was added to the caramel recipe and Chewlets was born. Then in 1975, after decades of hard work perfecting the recipe, Morinaga re-introduced Chewlets to Japan as the wonderful candy we now know as HI-CHEW.

Since then, HI-CHEW has been produced in over 170 flavors and become the most popular chewy candy in Japan.

What type of gelatin is used in HI-CHEW?

HI-CHEW products contain pork gelatin, with the exception of HI-CHEW Bites, which does not contain gelatin.

What type of glucose syrup is used in HI-CHEW?

Products made in our Taiwan facility contain tapioca glucose syrup whereas products made in our Shanghai and United States facilities contain corn glucose syrup. The location of manufacturing can be found on the back of each product.

Is HI-CHEW gluten-free?

HI-CHEW is gluten-free with the exception of our HI-CHEW Bites.