Shuwa Puccho (50g)

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Ingredients (Soda): Corn Syrup, Sugar, Gelatin, Palm Oil, Lactic Acid Bacteria Drink, Reducing & Fructose Glucose Syrup

Ingredients (Cola): Corn Syrup, Sugar, Gelatin, Palm Oil, Reducing Syrup, Fructose Glucose Syrup, Lactic Acid Bacteria Drink

Puccho (ぷっちょ) is a delicious and chewy Japanese candy made by the UHA Mikakutō Co. Ltd. (味覚糖株式会社). which is a confectionery company established in 1949. UHA is an initialism for Unique Human Adventure, reflecting the company's belief that "we must take up our challenges for the future with originality and individuality in order to fulfill people's dreams". Interestingly, UHA is also an acronym, pronounced as YUU-HA, which is a combination of two words - YUU for pleasure, and HA for waves, reflecting their desire to provide "pleasure through our confectioneries, gently like calm waves". UHA's corporate motto is "Deliciousness is Gentleness", which represents their commitment to always bring interesting and novel products such as Puccho which are original, and which gives their customers a thrill and satisfaction when they eat it.

There are two types of Pucchos - the stick type (consisting of Puru Puccho, Shuwa Puccho, and Suppa Puccho) and puccho gumi. Both types come in many flavors, many of which are unique to certain parts of the world, particularly Japan where it is made. 

There are many flavors of puccho, some of the best selling ones are cola, soda, grape and mango. Puccho gummies have a very unique consistency that is somewhat similar to little balls of gummy bears wrapped inside a chewy taffy. Some flavors, such as soda, even come with little fizz balls to simulate the fizziness of soda!