Sour Squirms (240g)
The Natural Confectionery Co

Sour Squirms (240g)

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Proudly made in Australia with no artificial colors and no artificial flavors so - dig in & have some fun! Sour Squirms were the first the The Natural Confectionery Co. range of sour jellies. Each Squirm has two different fruit flavours, and combine the fun of snake-like shapes with an exciting sour coating. Natural flavors include smooth banana, juicy orange, ripe raspberry, tangy lime and wild blackcurrant.

This is the most popular jelly product on Australian supermarket shelves!

Ingredients: Glucose Syrup (From Wheat Or Corn) Cane Sugar Food Acids (Citric Fumaric Tartaric) Thickener (Acid Modified Wheat Starch) Water Gelatine Natural Flavours Fruit Juice Concentrate Natural Food Colours Extracted From Fruit Vegetables And Plants (Chlorophyll Turmeric Grape Skin Extract Anthocyanins Black Carrot Elderberry Paprika Oleoresin).